No colour or religion ever stopped a bullet from a gun
There is a world in my mind, clawing to get out, ever on the tip of my tongue, always under my fingernails when I type, eternally printed on the insides of my eyelids.
I can feel it every time I close my eyes.

A world where powers roam clad in disguise of flesh, reality moaning under their impossible weight and sons of mighty make the world tremble in their wake. World where wild magic sweeps across the land, animating things and creatures from inert matter - monsters of nightmares and creatures of such raw beauty you would go insane just by looking at them.
Where a word is the law, deals and obligations, oaths and promises more binding than chains of steel. Where under the buzz of atoms, beneath the quantum foam the malleable keros of the world lies, ready to be shaped by the strong enough will.

My perfect world. I think of thee, and I shall never stop thinking of thee, and everything I say or write or think will ever be but a shade of that which lives in my mind and I will never be able to express.

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